Split Loan

Combining the security of a fixed rate home loan and the benefits of a variable loan, the Split Loan option allows you the  freedom to choose how much money you assign to each loan type.  Common split loan ratios are 50:50, 70:30 or 60:40 over a two-way fixed and variable rate. The key consideration generally comes down to the amount of risk you want to take on the cash rate going up or down.

How to go about it

  • Contact us to discuss your initial thoughts and requirements
  • Complete our finance application form covering the purpose for seeking credit and the amounts of credit sought
  • We will then contact you to arrange an initial consultation, to agree the basic information required and the process for completing such
  • Once that has been compiled we will review it and then provide a written strategy for you to consider.
  • If you would like to proceed, we will then work with you on a formal loan application process
  • Competitive interest rates over a variety of fixed and variable loan types.
  • Flexibility – you can choose which portion you would like to fix and which portion you would like to be on variable terms.
  • You can choose loan options that suit your needs.
  • Fixed rate portion offers rate and repayment security and peace of mind.
  • The variable rate gives you repayment flexibility and an offset account
  • Split loans are often ideal for property investors. Many keep their owner-occupier loan on a variable rate, while the investment property loan is kept to fixed terms in a bid to assist with the management of cash flow for the loan/property investment.
  • By splitting your loans you limit the upside benefits in the event of interest rate reductions
  • There are penalties if you wish to break a fixed rate
  • You cannot refinance to another institution (potentially) during the fixed rate period

Process of obtaining a loan through Connolly Finance

Total process generally takes between 4 and 8 weeks

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