Borrower types

No matter what type of Borrower you are – a 1st home buyer, a property upgrader, a first time or experienced property investor, self employed or an expat living overseas, the experienced team at Connolly Finance are perfectly placed to help you create wealth building strategies that work.Take advantage of our wealth of experience and contacts to adjust, amend or commence your wealth creation strategy today.

First time home buyers face some significant challenges in entering the property market, not least  the basic task of saving for their deposit. We often work with our clients in the initial instance by assisting in establishing a budget and a savings plan.
You may have run out of space or your house might be in an urgent need of an upgrade. If you’re at the point where your home no longer meets your needs then you face one of life’s big decisions: to renovate or relocate.
Investing in property has always been seen as a safe and effective way to build wealth. The tangible evidence of your investment coupled with the rental income and possible tax concessions make it easy to see why an investment in property can be an attractive choice.
We believe that a self employed person with a proven and profitable trading history and significant equity in their house really shouldn’t be penalised. Until now, many self employed people have believed that they have been severely limited in their ability to access finance for property investment.
There are significant advantages to having a property in an Self Managed Super Fun with the most obvious being the tax rate for income derived in your super fund being taxed at a considerably lower rate than income tax (namely 15%) as well as the choice to control your investments and your future investment strategy.
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A commercial mortgage is a loan for any non-residential property; this can include the building in which you conduct your business, or a rental or investment property. Mortgages of these kinds are used to purchase, refinance, or even to finance renovations to the interior or exterior of the building.

After a certain loan type?

Connolly Finance has access to over 500 financial products from more than 30 lenders covering a myriad of requirements – from home loans for repeat and first home buyers to first time and astute investors – we are perfectly placed to help guide you through the available options by listening to your needs, undertaking a comprehensive review of your current financial position and then providing a clear, detailed and comprehensive investment strategy for you to put in place.

Basic variable rate home loan

Basic variable loans typically offer lower interest rates and fewer features than the standard variable loans. You often have the option to pay for any additional feature required. Interest rates and repayments will vary throughout the loan term.

Bridging loan

If you’d like to buy a new property before you sell your existing one, Bridging Finance could provide the funds you need to secure your new home. This loan is designed for customers who have sold their existing property (but not yet settled) and require finance for the deposit on a new property.

Construction loan

If you are building your own home or investment property, a construction loan may be suitable for you. This loan requires a fixed price building contract from a registered builder.

Fixed rate home loan

Under a fixed rate loan, the interest rate is fixed for a specified period, usually between one and five years. This loan gives you the certainty of knowing exactly what your monthly repayments will be and peace of mind knowing the repayments won’t rise. However you won’t benefit if rates go down during the fixed term.

Introductory rate loan

An introductory rate loan generally offers a guaranteed low rate for an initial period of time (usually 12 months) after which most will revert to the standard variable rate. The rate can be fixed or variable.

Line of Credit

A line of credit loan provides you with access to the equity in your home or investment properties up to a pre-approved limit. You access the funds as you need to. The interest rate on a line of credit loan is usually a variable rate and repayments are interest only.


A 100% offset loan is very similar to an all-in-one loan. Rather than putting all your salary and other income into your loan, it goes into an offset account that is directly linked to your home loan.


Combining the security of a fixed rate home loan and the benefits of a variable loan, the Split Loan option allows you the freedom to choose how much money you assign to each loan type. Common split loan ratios are 50:50, 70:30 or 60:40 over a two-way fixed and variable rate.

Standard variable rate home loan

Standard variable loans are Australia’s most popular type of home loan. The interest rate varies throughout the loan term. These loans generally offer excellent flexibility, low fees and often offer suitable features such as an offset facility, redraw facility, no limits on additional repayments and in most cases, no early pay-out penalties.